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Saturday, May 05, 2007

how many is too many?

When I started this blog, the intention was to share the fun of collecting Havaianas. 2006 was the year I was drawn to these rubber flip flops and how drawn I must be...because as of last count I now have 252 pairs. I keep an album, with a photo of each pair in my multiply account. Come and visit Add me as a contact and you'll see each of those 252 pairs.

So, when do you say it's enough aready? I have been hemming and hawing with that thought for some time now. Let me just state the obvious...With the 3 of us in the house, I'm the only candidate for 35/36. It'd be good though to at least share it with a sister or a cousin. With Australia's four season climate, I can only wear it on two seasons and only during the weekends. This Havienut by the way works on a typical 9-5 setup no flipfloppies allowed. There ya go...Although, I've known all along that I won't be able to use all of them, I still kept on.

But why? Here's why...I love collecting. It's true I don't have the assurance of wearing all, so does that mean it does not render it's value? Is it only by using them for what they were made for the sole purpose of its worthiness? I'd say it is the inexplicable feeling of acquiring only a collector's heart fathoms. And because I have loved, that should transcend all reason.

And what's the score? I will stop buying in dozens. I reckon my number is enough to be called a "Havaianas Collection". Perhaps this decision will now enable me to venture into a new interest. But I will keep this blog. There might be new pairs in the future, who knows. And I will post a link to my new collection in this blog soon.

Is this Goodbye? well, this post is just a temporary havienut would rather say....see ya later!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Still DO

Obviously I haven't been updating my BLOG and even my multiply site. Was it because I don't have any new pairs to brag about? Is the Havienut hibernating? Maybe...the Havienut's broke. Damn right! I'm broke but will be more brokenhearted to see my pairs auctioned off to Ebay. I hope my havies' fate doesn't come to that.

So the new 2007 pairs arrived. The MYOH (Philippines) pairs have been cleared off from the stalls. And the Havienut didn't get any pair. But you see some angel from faraway lands sent me 5 new pairs, 3 of them being Limited Edition. (Another post, another day for that one.) I'm just stating that even if the purse is tight, some good pairs find their way to my Havie Room. ;)

And because I'm rushing off to work now, let me share with you a note left on my inbox yesterday. Is it a wake-up call, no matter...I hope the sender doesn't mind me posting this on my blog.

"You really inspired me to collect more Havs!! I just started collecting them last December.. It's just now that I read your blog entries and saw your enormous Havs collection! Grabe.. I also hope that Havaianas will make a special pair just for you.. Honestly, you really deserve to have one..

Good luck in finding additions to your great collection!
Havvy (quoted from you) Monday!!
God Bless! "

thanks to people who reminds me that i LOVE Havaianas...sometimes i forget that i do or still DO.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Havie Australia Day!!!

HAVAIANAS celebrated Australia Day in the only way the Aussies love...the BEACH! The event was called THONG CHALLENGE. This is a world record attempt for the longest line of airbeds in water. 5 states were vying for the record. Last year's winner was New South Wales with 863 people lying from end to end. According to the website it has been an annual event, but since I'm a newbie with havies I only get to experience it this year.

I've been incessantly busy as a beaver since first week of January with 5 projects overlapping with one another and this week as expected was not an exception. We were supposed to attend a birthday party of a special little girl today but I have to beg off because the Boss requested me to report to work for something urgent. But the Thong gods must really be on my side today...because I was able to scram my way out of Richmond by 1130 and dash to St. Kilda Beach. I scribbled my name on a registration pad in the nick of time! And chat my around to joining the crowd.

I told myself I will not pay $35 for that air float! Never! Did I say NEVER? Yea, that's right...I can never say NO to Havaianas when it's right infront of me. It's got such a magnetic, hypnotic element that transcends.....I won't go into that. Anyway, here's the problem.... I am SCARED of sea water! I can swim in a pool where I know the depths and ends, but not in australian waters where anything can happen...I'll give you some bonus like white sharks having a feel of the shallow waters, teeny weeney jellyfish that stings the life out of you in a sec...oh the list is endless! As soon as I got the paperwork done, I started praying..."Please Lord...don't let my air float tumble upside down. Hold me steady and don't let any jellyfish get near me." I was seriously out of my wits for signing my name without thinking!

OK wimp! Time to get on to the waters and dip that fat butt of yours!

The experience was oh so awesome! I mingled with kids, mums, dads, grandpas, teens, hunks. And whilst on the water, gripping my air float thongs tight...ummm make that Very Tight. I almost...almost wanted to kick that boy on my left who's enjoying the water so much that he tends to move a lot. The place seemed like a partyground for him...splashing water on his dad's...pushing here and there...turning around...affecting...affecting my buoyancy! Oh my precious buoyancy! How do I tell him to stay put coz there'll be serious consequences if the person oh his right loses her balance? I must've spent my silent minutes ringing emergency bells to all the heavenly saints known to me. But then as I am typing these out...I think I did enjoy that scene afterall... I knew I was laughing out loud at some remarks of people talking to the Havaianas crew about our line looking like a loop, or are we winning...or how long are we gonna stay afloat...we're starving...can they bring over the sizzle sausages!

And OH! Did I forget to tell you that at some point we have to hold the ankle of the person on our right and the wave when you hear the siren but keep still in the line?! Impossible but probable for other people not my kind. :D But reader, I've done it! Done it well! And as soon as I got off St. Kilda waters..I was a changed woman. Hahaha!

Here are some photos of the event. To the Havaianas's been a GREAT GREAT TIME for all of us. THANK YOU!


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Havie Holidays!

A few pairs arrived from Santa Claus a few days before Christmas! Special Thanks to Santa's Helpers Rache & Pammy.

From Havaianas Japan
(These pairs were specially released for a Japanese Store for Kids, SAYEGUSA. The prints were taken from Aesop's famous fable The Tortoise and the Hare. They're available in three colours, Navy Blue, Pink, and Brown)

From Havaianas Hungary
(These were old release that cannot be found from Australia, Philippines or even USA. Pam with her natural talent in looking for the extraordinary and the "out of stock", shared this new source with us. I basically bought the old colours of Style and the limited edition Rock in Rio which only comes in 37/38 an inch bigger my size.)

From Havaianas Philippines
(The 2007 release arrived early in the Philippines. So whilst waiting for the rest of them to arrive in my home country (Australia), I bought the models that I can afford to have doubles. Here they are...)

From Havaianas Australia
(And of course, how can I NOT buy when I see new colours in the shelf? )

I'm pretty sure this would be enough to last for the whole summer. Thanks Santa! And Have a Havie Holidays Havienut's Readers....make sure you have a pair of havaianas for a stocking filler!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

inside the shell...

if you want to browse the pairs, i created some photo albums in:

please add me as a contact to have an access to the photos.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Merii Kurisumasu from Nippon!

These three Limited Edition pairs came all the way from the land of Cherry Blossoms, Japan! Dear friend Jaki who's also a fellow Havie fan made sure that I have these in my collection. She purchased this earlier this year, going into all sorts of trouble communicating in Nihongo and dressing up the box with packaging tapes! I's all worth the effort...They're just simply...marvellous!

Arigato Jaki-San!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An Angel Called Jazel

We've known each other since Grade School where simple pleasures lie in a cone of peddled soft ice cream and lunch breaks were meant to be spent performing our best atop classroom desks arranged as a runway for 3 vying contestants for Miss U. Well that's us. Jazel, Christopher, and Me. We do the catwalk like no other and even if we knew who's meant to be crowned as the Miss U, the performance was always creme de la creme! :) The winner who's always the very gay and funny Christopher gets crowned with a coconut husk, adorned with a doormat for a cape, and of course a walis tambo for a scepter. This almost everyday routine never fails to elicit peals of laughter nevermind the bad air that comes after that!

Who can forget the surnames Loterte, Alejo, and Guerrero written legibly in BIG LETTERS on the newly delivered classroom chairs supposedly donated by our parents to the school? And because our brilliant Christopher told us that it's our parents money therefore it is ours and if we don't label the chairs...ahem! OUR CHAIRS...then it's like surrendering our parents' money to our adviser/teacher whom we do not like very much? Ha ha! Just imagine the Adviser's outrageous reaction! We had to remove those marks the next day of course.

But we were good students too. If not we shouldn't have been elected on the student council for which Jazel's speech contributed if not made me win a landslide as....never-the-mind role in the student body. Thanks Jaze... Whatever happened to that dream of yours by the way? HAHAHAHA!!!

We have different sets of friends in High School and though we were never that close to share secrets and sleepovers, I'd like to think that we somehow managed to keep the friendship intact through time and distance.

After more than a decade of finding ourselves a place in the world, we managed to get in touch again. She in Quebec and I'm in Melbourne. And because she knows how passionate a crazy thing like me can be... before with scented stationery and now with havaianas she willingly without strings attached sent these over to me: